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The JC Express Logistics service is backed up by the latest computer technology and online parcel tracking, making it the ideal choice for businesses or individuals seeking affordable delivery. Our commitment to please customers at every point in their parcel's journey to its destination is what sets us apart from our competitors and makes our approach to courier services unique. Our services include:

Express Online Local Deliveries

JC Express offers service booking on multiple online platforms, accessible as a web service via computer or as a mobile application, downloadable from google play store, on your phone. Through this platform, customers log in to their personalized JC Express account to enquire freight estimates, track shipments, make e-payments and view the latest status or report of their parcels on transit.

The online platform facilitates multiple consignment creation, delivery prioritization, real time tracking, notifications and pre-booking of several parcels simultaneously. Through geotagging data collected during online booking process, we can accurately identify client pickup and delivery locations without the need of any extra communication or ascertain the nearest fulfilment centre from your location thus reducing the delivery window.

Upon delivery, proof of receipt is confirmed through digital signing to confirm that the shipment(s) arrived in good condition, free of any defects or damage. From the moment you book for JC Express courier service online, to when the item is collected and successfully delivered to its destination, you will find that the experience, level of service and attention to detail is world class.

Express Online

International Courier

Powered by the JC Express platform, we deliver custom and on-demand solutions to support Business to Business and Business to Consumer retail E-Commerce needs. We offer instant access to facilities across the world via a single point of integration through our established network of international distribution centres that supports commerce at scale that results in an exceptional customer experience all world round.

Our Global Fulfilment solution is designed to accommodate your changing needs and promote growth. All our fulfilment centres are operated under highly engineered standards ensuring that you never pay for space you don't use or worry about reserving extra space for peak order volumes. JC Express reserves appropriate floor space, transportation and labour based on your forecasts and avail additional pack stations as needed.

International Courier

Freight & Logistics

JC Express brings to the table enviable expertise in freight forwarding, logistics management, distribution and affordable warehousing to ensure you consistently enjoy operational excellence. Our networks allow us to offer very favourable prices for national and international consignments. This plays well into our overall strategy of empowering our clients to pivot into the future of commerce by providing them access to new markets and a real opportunity to build global brands.

At JC Express, we understand that Express Services is not just about product delivery. We believe that it's also about working with a logistics provider who is essentially an extension of your own business. JC Express is the ideal partner whose courier delivery methods will enhance your customer experience, help you achieve bottom line savings and whose capability will equip you with a point of difference in an ever-tightening market. We believe in making the process of using courier services easy and convenient for our customers.


Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehouse compounds are designed to store a myriad of goods, manned by highly skilled warehouse staff, fully insured and have 24/7 security protection. Through our agency and franchise networks, JC Express provides fulfilment centres and reverse logistics services our clients.

The JC Express fulfilment process includes warehousing, inventory management, order management, packaging and shipping to the correct customer addresses on time. We receive inventory from our clients, their manufacturers or suppliers and then take care of packaging and shipping of the orders received on their behalf. The goods our customers entrust to us for safekeeping, undergo constant quality inspection and continuous inventory control. Storage space is optimized according to the popularity and number of releases to minimize the fulfilment window.

JC Express also provides reverse logistics which includes all operations related to the reuse of products and materials by moving goods from their typical destination back to the warehouse, manufacturer or supplier for the purpose of capturing value, proper disposal, recycling or resale in the case of customer returns.


Express Air Services

As your business grows, you are bound to face challenges when it comes to fulfilling your customer's delivery needs in a timely manner. To fulfil this need, companies often turn to JC Express for quick and ecient specialized express air service same-day deliveries to towns outside their business areas of operation.

Local and foreign companies can integrate to JC Express Freight Calculator's Application Programming Interface (API). The API can return the expected Freight Cost upon receipt of key information to be provided. These includes but is not limited to product description, date ordered, cost, weight, delivery window and the customers accurate shipping information.

Express Air

E-commerce Setups & Integrations

JC Express aims to assist as many merchants as possible get organized and online. Upon request, our developers are at hand to assist you in setting up your e-commerce platform and growing your client base. We recognize that personalization dierentiates your products and brand promise from the competition. Therefore, JC Express support specializes in custom solutions to enable you deliver an amazing customer experience and develop personalized brand and marketing strategies to increase profitability.


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